Turkey apartments, flats for sale

Turcja nowe apartamenty mieszkania

New apartments flats in Turkey?

Flats in the heart of Alanya in sunny Turkey.

Turkey is surrounded by three seas: the Black, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Tourism is fostered by kilometres of beautiful beaches, hundreds of which have been granted the Blue Flag. Some of the resorts are famous for medical tourism, thermal waters. It is the previous centre of four empires: Roman, Latin, Byzantine and Ottoman. Many of the cities are among the oldest in the world. Istanbul, the city known until 1930 as Constantinople was founded in 667 BC is one of Turkey’s major attractions. Also, such natural wonders as Pamukkale and Cappadocia are some of the most beautiful places to visit.

Turkey can be a friendly place to work, an excellent holiday destination and an opportunity to earn money from renting out purchased flats.

Famous regions of Turkey

Alanya, Antalya

Antalya and along with it Alania are some of the largest resorts in Turkey located on the Turkish Riviera. Antalya’s more than two hundred beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag attesting to cleanliness and safety. There is also its own airport, well-developed transport, as well as historical monuments such as the picturesque old town and, of course, an extensive hotel and tourist base. Alania, in addition to its beautiful beaches, is surrounded on the land side by the Taurus Mountains.

Mersin Province

It is a large, industrial region and the second largest free trade zone in Turkey. Here we have two airports, a port, a railway and an extensive road network. There are plans to build a metro by 2026. Here we have a sea coast of 320m. Here we have one of the most beautiful attractions the Erkopru waterfall. The tourist infrastructure is less developed, but prices are also lower and new projects are being built with new flats for sale.


It is the third largest city in Turkey. A city of some of the oldest, known since ancient times. It is called the Pearl of the Aegean Sea, with dozens of beaches in the region awarded the Blue Flag. Here we have an excellently developed tourist base: a network of hotels with popular thermal waters, restaurants, public transport (metro, train, buses). It is also an industrial region, with factories producing textiles, cars and other export goods.


Istanbul is a centre for business, finance, economics, education and tourism. It is very popular with foreign investors. It is the largest place in the number of flats sold in Turkey. The location is conducive to business. Modern residential complexes with swimming pools, spas, where one can live and work comfortably, as well as the possibility to buy a flat in the historic districts, are being developed.

Turkey new apartments flats?

Pamukkale-Turkey new apartments flats


We will support you during the process of buying a property on the coast. We will present the surroundings, the available properties. We will prepare the documents, ensure that the transaction is completed safely and assist you with the formalities after the purchase.

And if you need a company that will take care of the rental of your newly purchased flat – you can also count on us.

Turkey new apartments flats?

The offer of apartments in Alania

1320092/TUR – Aramis – Alanya

ARAMIS - apartamenty w Alanii - Kestel cena: 137.000 EUR, apartament: 54 m2, pokoje: 1 + 1, realizacja: 2026r Apartamenty nad morzem, wykończone wewnątrz, przygotowane dla nowych właścicieli. Korzystaj ze...

Turkey new apartments flats?

Turcja nowe apartamenty mieszkania



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