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Development investments can be financed in various ways. The easiest way is to have your own funds, which can be used in their entirety to build and sell. However, can everyone allow themselves to do this? Is it also an optimal solution? The answers can differ, and so can the investment strategies.

Kredyt deweloperski
Kredyt hipoteczny

The source of fundraising can be the money market or the capital market. Most often developers use a development loan. Sometimes it is also bond issues, developer loans or property leasing. This is more expensive capital, but not always the least cost-effective. When financing with third-party capital, we are able to benefit from tax advantages. In this way, we can also increase the profitability of the investment.

We can, of course, finance the investment with customer contributions raised. However, this has its limitations and the risk of ensuring liquidity, because in addition to gathering a sufficient number of customers, the possibility of the customer withdrawing from the investment has to be taken into account.

The investment can be financed within an existing company or by a so-called SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). The newly established company, whether in the form of a partnership or as an SPV, will carry out the specific investment task.

Are you considering how to finance your investment, whether by obtaining financing from a bank in the form of a loan or a bond? We invite you to talk to our specialist in the financial market. Maybe this way, your new housing estate will not only be built and pleasing to the eye, but also your profits will be so satisfactory that you will recommend cooperation with us to others.


mortgage loan

A credit is one of the most important financial decisions when buying a house, as such a loan is taken out for many years and involves considerable costs. It takes time and experience to get to know the offers of many banks in Poland, to follow the changes, to learn the important differences between the offers and to be able to smoothly select the most advantageous offer.

Kredyt hipoteczny na zakup domu, finansowanie domu
Kredyt hipoteczny na zakup domu, finansowanie domu

We offer a proven, independent Expert who will get to know your expectations, present current proposals of banks and help you in the whole process of obtaining a loan. What is more, he will suggest solutions that will positively influence your creditworthiness, he will draw your attention to the elements that are worth bearing in mind while signing a credit agreement. He will also present costs and calculations of individual bank offers.

Our Expert is there for our clients. Above all, he takes care of their satisfaction, the security of the proposed solutions and their convenience. What is also worth emphasising is that our services do not involve any costs on your side and our cooperation with many banks, while being independent from these institutions, guarantees that we work for you, not for the banks.

If you want to be absolutely sure that a given banking offer will be the best one just for you, we invite you to leave a contact or call us.