Eco solutions for projects and homes

ecology and economy in the new house

Eco solutions

We offer solutions that are worth adopting in your new home. Our customers have already benefited from them and confirm that with the right choice of eco solutions, we can live more comfortably, ecologically and economically. A few suggestions we can offer are:

PHOTOWOLTAIC PANELS – currently the most popular alternative among sources of electricity for the home. The investment is intended to help reduce electricity bills, become energy independent to a certain extent and at the same time be more environmentally friendly by allowing electricity to be obtained directly from sunlight.

panele fotowoltaiczne dla domu
Pompy ciepła, klimatyzacja w nowym domu, Eko rozwiązania dla inwestycji i dla domu

HEAT PUMPS – a heating solution that provides heating, cooling and hot water for the home. The pump pumps energy available in the environment, stored in the ground, water or air, into the heating system. It is a low-emission, i.e. more environmentally friendly, alternative to traditional home heating.

HEATING MATS – are used as an alternative to underfloor water heating. The mats do not generate additional air circulation, so there is no dust floating in the room, they are easy to install and, when combined with photovoltaic panels, they are a fairly economical source of home heating.

AIR CONDITIONING – is not only cooling, it also works well for heating rooms. A good air conditioner also provides better air quality in the home, and can affect the humidity and purity of the air in a room. It can also clean the air of harmful microorganisms and viruses.

energy-efficient and safe

Smart Home

A home in which we install intelligent installations that autonomously regulate and optimise energy consumption, mainly electricity and heat, but also water and other utilities, will make us live comfortably and safely, in addition to lower bills and the awareness that we care about the environment.

Safety is the strong point of automatically controlled electro-installations, which also act as alarm systems and active protection systems against risks such as fire, water, electricity, gas, etc.

Bezpieczny dom, zabezpiecz swój dom, Eko rozwiązania dla inwestycji i dla domu
Inteligentny dom, smart home, oszczędny dom, wygodny dom

Comfort of use represents a new quality. The system can be programmed in a completely free way, so that it can perform a number of daily activities for the user, e.g. closing blinds, watering the garden, switching on lights.

And what is important: the cost of an “intelligent” electrical installation only slightly exceeds that of a standard electrical installation and a separate alarm system. On the other hand, it offers significantly higher functionality and energy efficiency savings.

WHEN BUILDING A HOUSE, DESIGNING A RESIDENCE, it is worth taking into account solutions which will make the comfort of use, economy and ecology optimally combined, and the design will include those elements which will make the house attractive for the customer and comfortable for the new owner. That is why we suggest combining these elements while still in the planning or construction phase – we invite you for details.