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Interior design in a new home

house finishing


When you buy a new house, it is essential to design the house and finish the interiors. In Poland, the developer’s state in which you will receive the house still requires a lot of work, decisions and time to create the interiors of your dreams. Therefore, we propose our studio, which has many years of experience, to prepare and realise your individual interior design.

perfekcyjne wykończenie domu pod klucz, dom pokazowy
JAMES HOUSE - Projekt i wykończenie wnętrza nowego domu

Work on a project starts with establishing the concept, finding out the client’s expectations and setting a budget – because every project is individual to us. Once an initial cost estimate has been agreed, the designer can start working on precise studies, visualisations and technical drawings. Once the design has been prepared, the decision follows – do you commission the designer to carry out further work and supervise the whole project? If you decide to cooperate with an interior design project, all the works, the team that will carry them out and the supervision of the schedule and works will belong to the architectural studio, and you will only receive the finished interiors.

Our proposal is a comprehensive implementation of the finishing works, including furnishing, with the installation of electronics and household appliances in your new home.

interior design of the show house

The show house

We also propose to prepare a show house or turnkey finishes for houses throughout the development. All works and projects will be optimised for the developer’s investments. We consult on the projects, adjust them to the segment and size of the development. Depending on the form of cooperation you choose, we can prepare a complete, maintenance-free house or work with you to create a finished product for sale.

indywidualne wykończenie wnętrz domu dla każdego
indywidualne wykończenie wnętrz domu dla każdego

We also realise projects outside of Warsaw. Cooperation with our specialists will allow you to save time, optimise costs and go through the entire investment process without any problems. The cost depends on the mutual agreement and the segment of the investment. To start cooperation, find out how and why, please contact us.