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"Don't wait to buy a property. Buy a property and wait."

T. Harv Eker

New houses for sale

Primary market - houses for sale

Take a look at the selection of house developments. The houses are either already finished or under construction. We offer houses of developers with whom we cooperate and whose investments we know and recommend. 

Warszawa Ursynów

Cymbalistów Str.

Finished estate of designer semi-detached houses. 

WARSZAWA wilanów

Pamiętna Str.

An estate of luxury homes with a private sculpture garden. 

Warszawa Wilanów

Latoszki Str.

The estate is elegance and simple style in a quiet part of Wilanów – in Powsin.

Developers: Advertising & Marketing

effective sales of building projects
Marketing i sprzedaż inwestycji deweloperskich
Marketing i sprzedaż inwestycji deweloperskich; Obsługa deweloperów marketing i sprzedaż
Marketing i sprzedaż inwestycji deweloperskich; Obsługa deweloperów marketing i sprzedaż
Marketing i sprzedaż inwestycji deweloperskich
property market

We welcome developers and house-building companies to cooperate on the sale of their investments. We specialise in marketing and sales of small-scale investments, i.e. several houses, as well as estates of several dozen single-family and terraced houses, mainly in the vicinity of Warsaw and in Warsaw itself.

Developers: Effective Property Sales

YOU BUILD - WE SELL - the process is not complicated for us


Step I - we meet and discuss your investment

conversation starts the process

We want to get to know the investment, its assumptions, its possibilities and the merits of the problems – whether sales are already underway or you are just starting. As we get to know you, we’ll be able to make suggestions, maybe even custom solutions.


We create a plan, give solutions to strengthen or start effective sales

the key is the idea

The idea is the first step. Then we look for good solutions and propose to implement them – whether with our hands or by working together. Once a plan of action is agreed, you can start putting it into practice.


We work to implement the plan, taking care of every last element of the Sale

commitment is an element of success

We work for our mutual success. Every investment is different, the solutions are different, but the implementation is always top-notch. The process of effective sales also depends on the people who represent your company in the market.

Property Services and Products

The companies we cooperate provide products and services that are unique on the market
Projekt i wykonie ogrodu
projekt i wykończenie wnętrza
meble do nowego domu, łóżko, szafa, stół dobrej jakości
Projektowanie i wykonanie ogrodu pokazowego, Projekt i wykonie ogrodu
fit out is the future

We make work easier, optimise the sales and purchase process. We give access to excellent specialists who prepare products for our clients, clients who expect high quality at a good price. We value our clients’ time and opinions, which is why we are able to provide ready-made, sometimes non-standard solutions for people who are buying a house or for companies who are selling or preparing their investments for sale.

Brands we worked with:
property developers