Read more about the article Bobrowiec Detached house residence
Dom na sprzedaż Piaseczno, Bobrowiec, Głosów i okolice rezydencja

Bobrowiec Detached house residence

Detached house residence Bobrowiec, Starting from 1,405,000 zł. Classic house design, extremely elegant residence near Warsaw. Here we propose a detached house close to a nature reserve, but also well…

Dziekanów – Houses Królowej Marysieńki

DETACHED HOUSE - Królowej Marysieńki - Dziekanów Polski. Two houses in a charming location close to Warsaw. Price: 1.190.000 PLN. Close to a lake, quiet, but also a school, kindergarten,…

Read more about the article Góra Kalwaria/Tomice – Elegant Houses
Eleganckie nowe domy pod Warszawą, Tomice, blisko Góry Kalwarii.

Góra Kalwaria/Tomice – Elegant Houses

Elegant houses close to Warsaw - Tomice - Góra kalwaria, Sienkiewicza Str. Elegant houses near Warsaw - classic at a price of PLN 855,000. Only 20 minutes from Warsaw. Green…

Read more about the article Dawidy Bankowe – housing estate near Warsaw
Domy szeregowe pod Warszawą

Dawidy Bankowe – housing estate near Warsaw

Segments near Warsaw Dawidy -Dawidy Bankowe, Kwiatów Polnych Str. This is a comfortable place for a family, a large segment already from PLN 929,000. Each house with a garden and…

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