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Domy szeregowe pod Warszawą

1320003/WAW – Dawidy Bankowe

Segments - Dawidy Bankowe Price: from 949.000 zł, House: 125-131 m2, Garden: 61-219 m2, Rooms: 5, completed: Q1 2024 Houses near Warsaw: five rooms, places for two cars, a garden…

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Bąkówka - domy na sprzedaż na nowoczesnym osiedlu pod Piasecznem

1320006/WAW – Bąkówka

Estate near Warsaw Price: 1.160.000 zł, House: 156 - 171 m2, Plot: 480 - 600 m2, Rooms: 5, Finished: Q4 2023 This is an estate of houses with good access…

1320081/WAW – Nowa Iwiczna

Houses - Nowa Iwiczna Price: from 794.000 zł, House: from 97,06 m2, Plot: 400 m2, Rooms: 4 (5-6), Finished: II/III kw.2025 Two buildings with two units each. If you need…

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Dom w Łosiu na sprzedaż. Wiata.

1320070/WAW – Łoś

Detached house among the trees, price: 1.215.000 zł, House: ok.160 m2, Plot: 950 m2, Rooms: 5-6, Finish: I kw.2024, Green countryside surrounded by forest. Free-standing new houses that please the…

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Dom parterowy z poddaszem nowy na sprzedaż James House Nieruchomości

1320069/WAW – Łoś

Ground floor house on a wooded plot, Price: 1.215.000 zł, House: 132+60 m2, Plot: 1100 m2, Rooms: 5-6 Completed: Q2 2025, AN UNIQUE PLACE, SURROUNDED BY A FOREST. SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES…

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Łoś domy wolnostojące pod Warszawą na sprzedaż James House Nieruchomości

1320068/WAW – Łoś 2.

Enclave of houses near Warsaw, Price: 1.215.000 zł, House: 170 m2, Plot: 950 m2, Rooms: 5-6 Completed: 2Q 2024, AN UNUSUAL PLACE, BLENDING IN WITH THE FOREST CLIMATE. SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES…

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Wizualizacja domów na sprzedaż pod Warszawą przy miejscowości Józefów, Wiązowna

1320057/WAW – Wiązowna

Substantial houses by the river, Price: 1.240.000 zł, House: 195-198 m2, Plot: 550 m2, Rooms: 5-6 Completed: Q1 2024 HOUSES THAT OFFER A BETTER STANDARD THAN THEIR COMPETITION. THE DESIGN…

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Dom na sprzedaż Piaseczno, Bobrowiec, Głosów i okolice rezydencja

1320060/WAW – Bobrowiec, Brzozowa Str.

Detached house residence Price: from 1.363.000 zł, House: 229 m2, Plot: 1000-1218 m2, Rooms: 6 Completed: 4Q 2024 r - 1Q 2025 Classic house design, extremely elegant residence near Warsaw.…

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Eleganckie nowe domy pod Warszawą, Tomice, blisko Góry Kalwarii.

Góra Kalwaria/Tomice – Elegant Houses

Elegant houses close to Warsaw - Tomice - Góra kalwaria, Sienkiewicza Str. Elegant houses near Warsaw - classic at a price of PLN 855,000. Only 20 minutes from Warsaw. Green…

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